25th anniversary season

GCPW History (Partial List)
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2001 Crazy Wisdom
Performance Works, SF, CA

2000 Valerie Solanas' Lost Play - Up Your Ass
Performance Space 122, New York, NY

1999 Triangulated Nation
Performance Works, SF, CA

1998 Blind Messengers
Golden State Archives Museum Sacramento, CA
1998 Wittgenstein : On Mars
Performance Works, SF, CA
1997 20/20 Blake: The Visions of William Blake
Theater Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1997 Twisted Pairs
Performance Works, SF, CA

1995 The Bandwidth Addict
Performance Works, SF, CA
1994 Nowhere NowHere
Artsphere Theatre, Tokyo, Japan
1993 Box Conspiracy
Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC

1992 The Desert Music: A Live Sho
Performance Works, SF, CA
Steve Reich - Composer, Charles Rose - Scenic Design
* - documentation video on file at
Lincoln Center Library of Performing Arts, NYC

1991 Invisible Site: A Virtual Sho
SIGGRAPH '91, Las Vegas, NV
1990-91 The Architecture of Catastrophic Change
Performance Works, SF, CA
1989 Right Mind
American Conservatory Theatre, SF, CA
1987 Actual Sho
Theatre Der Welt, Stuttgart, Germany
Pepsico Summerfare SUNY Purchase, NY
Kennedy Center Opera House, Wash, DC
1985-86 RARE AREA
Kaai Festival, Brussels, Belgium
Marc Ream - Composer, Jerome Sirlin - Scenic Design

1983 Seehear
American Music Theatre Festival, Philadelphia, PA
Paul Dresher - Composer, Jerome Sirlin - Scenic Design

1982 Are/Are
Theatre Artaud, SF, CA

1981-82 The Way of How
Brooklyn Acadamy of Music Next Wave Festival, NY, NY
Lift Festival, London, UK
Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, Minn

1977 2019 Blake
International New Theatre Festival, Baltimore, Md
International Creative Workshop of Mime, Wroclaw, Poland
Leonard Pitt - principle performer

1976 Dropouts
Berkeley Stage Company, Berkeley, CA











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