The Crazy Wisdom Sho is an experiement in live theater and the Internet. Live performers in a San Francisco Civic Center Theater are onstage surrounded by web-enabled teleprompters. At selected moments, the actors are controlled by online participants who have submitted Crazy Wisdom to the teleprompters via this website.

Submit your Crazy Wisdom to the onstage teleprompter
right here and now!

Your Crazy Wisdom may be performed live onstage in our sho - with a video clip added our online video archive. Check back in a few days to see if your Crazy Wisdom was included.

More about the show.

To read the scrolling text hold a small mirror
directly over the top of the screen at 45 degree angle


Teleprompter text is different from regular text.
The information is backwards and inverted
Newsreaders and performers are skilled
in the art of using mirrors to convey
backwards information to the viewing public

Learn more about teleprompters and how they work here.

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