Wittgenstein often invoked Mars and imaginary Martians as examples to help explain his ideas about forms of daily life and how they are often understood.

In antiquity, Mars was seen as a warrior god; in the Age of Reason Mars was seen as an astronomical object; with the discovery of its "canalli," the planet was believed to have waterways, in our lifetime Mars attacks (Orson Welles' War of the Worlds), and currently the discovery of a Mars meteorite with fossil evidence of bacterial life, found in the Antarctic, is reframing the story of ancestral life on Earth."

Mars Resources Online:

Meteorite ALH 84001 and Life on Mars Information:

This is the meteorite, found near Lake Hoare, Antartica, that is causing all of the excitement about life possibly existing on Mars. The fossil like reminants are referred to as oviods and are thought to have a similar structure as the coxcella bacteria which are only 40 nanometers in length.

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